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our story

The Mustard Seed Farm Co. grew out of a teeny-tiny, mustard seed-sized dream to return to the old-fashioned; a time when we cared for the things around us with time-honored traditions, natural ingredients, and good old-fashioned love. After navigating the world of eczema and food allergies with our youngest daughter, we found relief by returning to the traditions of the past. Two more kids, a move to the country, and seven goats later, The Mustard Seed Farm Co. was born.

our soaps

Each of our handmade artisan soaps is carefully crafted in small batches with raw goat milk (from our very own happy, healthy herd!), high-quality oils, and natural colorants- just the way nature made them. We believe skincare should be safe and gentle and we only use the best ingredients we can find to nourish skins of all types and ages.

our vision

We deeply care for the health of our bodies, our land, and our community and strive to be good stewards of the resources we've been given. That's why a portion of every purchase goes towards supporting compassion projects in our local community and beyond. Give us a try! Your support is just what we need to make our mustard seed-sized dream move mountains.

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