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ever wondered where we get all that goat milk goodness for our artisan soaps? 

meet our herd


Meet Penny, our herd Queen! She's sweet, a little sassy, and always ready to push her way to the front.

Meet Princess!

She loves blackberry bushes, snuggling with Penny, and basking in the sun.


Meet Peanut! She's the smallest of the herd and a bit shy. She's a mama's girl and spends her days at Poppy's side.


Meet Poppy! Mama to Peanut and Piper, she's the loudest of the herd and loves to sing and dance and play!


Meet Piper! She's the sweetest and snuggliest goat in the herd and loves attention.


Meet Percy, Elvis Percy. He's Penny's firstborn son and every bit as sassy as his mom with his slick pompadour.

Meet Peter, our lead buck! He's the resident escape artist and tree pruner on the farm. He loves snuggles, but he's so stinky!

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