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Ingredients: Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Raw Goat Milk, Sodium Hydroxide, Water, Castor Oil, Anise Essential Oil, Orange 10X Essential Oil, Sodium Lactate, Activated Charcoal, Organic Earl Grey Tea Leaves, Dehydrated Lemon Slice.

Earl Grey

  • Made with raw goat milk from our happy herd, this lively bar is scented with a blend of anise and orange essential oils and features organic tea leaves for exfoliation. Each bar is naturally colored with activated charcoal and is topped with organic tea leaves and a slice of dehydrated lemon. Sure to delight both tea lovers and licorice lovers alike.


    Scented with anise essential oil and orange 10x essential oil. 


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